Protesters gather to demand the Mueller reports release

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Around 50 Protestors gathered in Binghamton to call on the Attorney General to release the full Mueller report. 

Members of Indivisible Binghamton and Citizen Action were outside the Federal Building asking that the report be released to the public. 

2 Days after receiving Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s 400 page report on March 22nd, Attorney General William Barr released a 4 page summary of the findings. 

Based on the summary President Trump has claimed that the report clears him of any wrong doing.

Indivisible Binghamton Co-lead Lori Wahila says that sort of judgment can’t be made until the full report is seen. “My question is, if Trump says that report completely exonerates him, why wouldn’t he want it released? The other republicans as well. If this exonerates the President 100 percent then they should want to have the report released so that Americans can see that for themselves and then we can move on.”

After failing to meet the original deadline of April 2nd, Barr has said that the report will be released to Congress and the public sometime in mid-April after any classified information is taken out of it. 

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