BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – There’s a new meal prep business on Binghamton’s Southside that is devoted to helping people make a plan for getting healthier, and stick to it.

Project LeanNation is a franchise that opened in the Number 5 Commons back in November.

It offers 30 frozen meal options, complete with a breakdown of calories and nutritional content.

PLN also has a Refuel Shake Bar where it blends protein shakes to order.

It’s owned by Greg Rollo and David Kipper. Rollo is also owner of GSR Crossfit in Johnson City.

He says he’s been looking for a way to help his gym customers develop and maintain a nutrition plan.

So, Project LeanNation takes a similar approach, by offering a free consultation and measuring equipment called an InBody Scan to help determine a customer’s optimal calorie and macro nutritional intake.

Rollo says, “We put people on an InBody scan, give them an idea of how many calories they should be consuming, so they have a better understanding of their macro nutrients and the total calories that they would be burning in a given day. We use that as a base line to suggest proper nutrition, and then hope that they would supplement with our meals because they are very healthy and nutrient dense.”

Project LeanNation offers a subscription program to both lower the cost and help keep customers on track.

And their invited back regularly to check on their progress.

PLN is open Monday through Friday from 10-6 and from 9-3 on the weekends.

For more information, go to and click on locations.