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Tonight, President Trump will address the nation on border security.

The president is expected to use the oval office speech to urge Congress to spend five billion dollars on a border wall.

But democrats say they have no desire to negotiate until the partial government shutdown ends.

NewsChannel 34’s Mark Meredith is in Washington with more.  

Tonight president trump– and then congressional democrats– will take their fight over border security…directly to the American people.

White house aides say the president will argue that the border wall is critical to national security.

“Americans need to hear from their president, their commander in chief, why they see this as security and humanitarian crisis on the border.”

Congressional democrats will get a chance to respond.

The democrats will say the president’s demand for a border wall is hurting Americans.

Including some 800,000 government employees–caught in the middle of the battle over the wall.

“We are facing a government shutdown that is totally unnecessary.”

The white house says it’s also considering whether to declare a national emergency on the southern border.

That decision might allow the president to order the pentagon to build the wall…without congressional approval.

Political expert Gary Nordlinger says tonight’s speech may be the president’s best chance to make his case.

“It’s going to give him a world stage unfiltered to make his point, and he’s going to have a far bigger audience”

The president plans to travel to the US Mexico border on Thursday.

But the white house has not said who the president will meet, or what he hopes to accomplish.


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