The threat of a wintry mix which can wreak havoc on the roads.

NewsChannel 34’s Mike Tanzini tells us what you should keep in mind before getting behind the wheel in the winter.

With winter right around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about ways to make sure your vehicle has what it take to survive a bitter, New York winter.

Before the snow and cold arrives, drivers should check their tires, fluids, windshield wipers and perhaps most importantly, their brakes.

Members of Miller Honda Hyundai Service team on the Vestal Parkway say if you’re not sure where to look, they’ll make sure you’re prepared.

“You come in and we do what’s called a multi-point inspection. It’s basically a bumper-to-bumper report card of your car. We’ll go through your tires, we’ll go through all of your suspension components, brakes, fluids, we’ll test your battery for you. We’ll make sure it’s ready for the winter,” said Ryan Morris.

There are a number of things that people can do themselves to make sure they have what they need to prevent winter-weather related vehicle damage including checking the tread on the tires and even putting a coat of wax on the exterior of the vehicle.

Morris says one simple way to prevent winter wear and tear on your vehicle can be as easy as starting your car and letting it run for a few minutes before you leave.

“It always helps, you have to make sure the fluids in the car actually get up to at least a little bit close to operating temperature before you take off,” said Morris.

Miller service technician Ralph Tanzini said if there’s something he would do to his car, you should consider doing it to yours.

“I look at it like I look at my own cars. If it’s something I would do, I would recommend it to someone. If it’s my kids, your kids that are in the car, it’s important to all of us here,” he said.

Even with a perfectly functioning vehicle, it’s still difficult to navigate the snowy roads in the Southern Tier.

Before you turn the key, or simply push to start, make sure your car is prepared for the elements to keep you and your family safe out on the open road.

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On Wednesday, we’ll show you one way to keep your home nice and toasty during the bitter chill of winter.