BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – A local artist is debuting her first museum show with an exhibit centered around identity.

Anna Warfield’s “Placid Thoughts From Inside Her Eyelids” is the newest exhibit at the Roberson Museum.

The show is split into two sections. “Placid Thoughts” explores Warfield’s early projects and vulnerabilities, while “From Inside Her Eyelids” explores complexities in femininity and re-learning identity.

The exhibit features Warfield’s hanging poems. The words were sewed, stuffed, dyed, and written by Warfield herself.

She says that the exhibit is inviting, but once you read the meanings, the poems address important topics in our society today such as identity and being bodily aware.

Exhibiting Artist, Anna Warfield says, “First, you come into the room and you get this wave of like pink, and floating things that look soft and inviting. And then, you read the work, and it makes you think about like how your lips feel, or how your tongue is like in your mouth, because its directing you to that with the words that are in the poems. In that way, it makes you think more about your body.”

Warfield says she has been picking away at this project for about 10 years.

The exhibit will be open for a public reception this Friday, from 6 to 9 p.m. at Roberson as part of the First Friday Art Walk.

The show will be on display at the museum for a full year.