People are leaving New York faster than any other state according to the U.S. Census Bureau. 

NewsChannel 34’s Morgan McKay explains the numbers and what elected leaders think the reason is. 

Morgan: New York is losing people, and it’s been following this trend for the last 3 years. 

According to the U.S. Census Bureau report, New York is one of nine states that lost population last year. With the most people, over 48 thousand, leaving New York. 

Illinois is ranked second.

But its upstate seeing the biggest decline. Since 2010, 42 of the 50 upstate counties recorded a loss of population. 

And because of this out migration, New York is likely lose two Congressional seats in four years. 

A spokesperson for the Governor sent me a statement today that seemed to cast doubt on the accuracy of the census, saying: 

“A complete and accurate count is critical for New York to receive proper representation in Washington… the State is committed to being a full partner in a robust outreach effort so that every New Yorker is counted.”

Morgan: But what are officials actually saying? Well the Governor a few months ago, pointed to the weather as a leading cause. 

Cuomo: People will make demographic choices about where they want to live. Some of them are climate based, some of them are based for personal reasons. Someone wants to move to Florida because they want to move to Florida god bless them. We were chasing people from this state, now we’re attracting them 

His Republican opponent in the election Marc Molinaro, says it has to do more with high taxes, driving especially the middle class out. 

Molinaro: Upstate continues to struggle with the highest burden of property taxes of any region in the country while at the same time we 
lead the nation in out migration. People leaving New York to other states. 

I also spoke with soon to be Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins who listed a few reasons as to why not as many people are staying in the state. 

Cousins: Whether its the economy, affordability, keeping taxes low, and growing jobs, New York will be….if I have anything to do with it the place people will be coming to in droves. 

Despite all of this however, New York’s population is still the fourth highest, behind only California, Texas and Florida.