Nexstar stations across the country take part in Founder’s Day

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Each year, employees at Nexstar television stations across the country take part in Founder’s Day where we volunteer our time at non-profit organizations doing good in our communities. 

This year, the staff at NewsChannel 34 helped out the Impact Project on its 105th project.

Our Reporter Dylan Kuhn reports on our day helping the Arner family. 

When a community comes together anything can be accomplished.

Binghamton Rumble Ponies Pitcher Luc Rennie says they showed that today. 

Luc Rennie Pitcher says “If lots of little hands come together to create a big project and take care of a big job for people that can’t do it themselves. I think that’s so important and what’s so great about this project.”

Members of the Rumble Ponies joined NewsChannel 34, and the First Assembly of God Church in Binghamton on the Impact Project’s latest challenge.

The Impact Project helps repair the homes of families that can’t do it on their own.

Today the organization was repairing the home of Binghamton couple Rob and Theresa Arner who didn’t have the money or ability to make the many repairs needed to their house. 

The team fixed a very leaky roof, the steps and railings on the front and back porch, and overhauled the landscaping cutting down overgrown and in the way bushes and replacing them with small trees and flowers.

Dylan Kuhn says “From the time the first shovel went into the ground, til the last flower was planted, it only took the Impact Project 3 hours to complete all the renovations here on Mason Avenue. For a project of this magnitude that seems like a short amount of time, but for the Impact Project, that’s just another day on the job.”

Rennie and his teammate outfielder Kevin Kaczmarski say that those lucky enough to play a game for a living should always find time to help community members in need. 

Luc Rennie Pitcher says  “The Rumble Ponies, the stadium that’s a big part of the community. And us as players it’s kind of part of our duty and due diligence to come in the community and give back because we are such a big part of the community.”

Kevin Kaczmarski Outfielder says “For us I think we get something out of it just donating our time, so we feel good about., And it’s also making an impact on these families so it works both ways.”

Impact Project Executive Director Jim Willard says having so many groups get behind their cause made today’s project unlike any of the 104 others. 

Jim Willard says “This one I will not forget. Because of not only what we did for the family which was critically important, but at the end of the day the groups and the organizations that came together to make it happen. 

Thanks to the teamwork another family now has a home they no longer have to stress about.

Rob Arner says he’ll never be able to express how thankful he is for what the Impact Project did for them.

Rob Arner says “They were sent by god basically to help us. To come and do this favor for us. We’re very grateful for everything they’re doing for us.”

In Binghamton, Dylan Kuhn NewsChannel 34. 

Willard says he’ll be sitting down with the Impact Project board next week to pick out the next 2 or 3 projects that will be completed this summer. 


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