Johnson City has implemented a liaison between Maine Street merchants and the Police Department to address public safety concerns.

The Community Engagement Officer position was created to add a personal presence to the Maine Street business district. The CEO will be patrolling the area primarily on foot and bicycle to provide an increased sense of safety and security. The position is centered around creating relationships and connecting with the community.

Johnson City Mayor Martin Meaney and Chief of Police Brent Dodge held a press conference today unveiling the new position.

Community Engagement Officer Jay Peets says, “The concerns mainly are we have a lot of littering on Maine Street, we have dogs that walk past, we have people on bikes, and when people are coming in and out of the businesses, it creates a situation where it’s uncomfortable for other people so we try and deter that.”

In addition, the Community Engagement Officer will be connecting with residents by attending local events as well as organizing community meetings to provide people with a platform to ask questions and express their concerns about the neighborhood.