BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – A new zoning law regulating student housing is coming to Binghamton.

July 19, Mayor Jared Kraham introduced a new law that will curb student housing in the city of Binghamton.

The new law states that in residential zoning districts, homes must be occupied by a family or the functional equivalent.

The changes will include prohibiting units housing four or more unrelated college students in single and two-family residential zones.

Student housing will still be allowed in multi-unit residential zones with approval from Binghamton’s planning commission.

Kraham said that the law will maintain the integrity of single-family neighborhoods and expand the housing market for local families.

“Families have trouble finding housing that is not geared towards students. That is because student-style housing has dominated the housing market here in Binghamton, and because of the lack of regulation for many decades, in fact it has been able to run wild,” said Kraham. “This will change that and working class families living paycheck to paycheck, this will open up availability.”

He says it is part of the first step of cracking down on bad landlords and maintaining the quality of life for Binghamton residents.

The Mayor anticipates the law getting passed in September or October of this year.

Homeowners not in compliance will be subject to prosecution starting in July of 2023.