New bill would allow paid surrogacy contracts in New York State

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Television host Andy Cohen, Kim Kardashian, and Kanye West are just a few names of famous parents who’ve recently had their children with the help of surrogates.

But, for regular New Yorkers, the struggle to have children is real too.

NewsChannel 34’s Corina Cappabianca takes a look at a new bill to allow paid surrogacy contracts in New York State.

New York lawmakers are planning to hold a public hearing on the issue of surrogacy next week.

“I think the opportunity to create families is an important and God given right that I think all New Yorkers should have including LGBTQ families and individuals who for whatever reason might not be able to have children.”

The state currently prohibits paid surrogacy contracts.

That means couples or individuals who want to use a surrogate may have to go to great lengths to do so.

“I had two children through surrogacy, but I had to travel across the country to do so in California. I think that as a New Yorker I’d like to do that in this state.”

The bill is still in committee right now as it works its way through the legislature.

“We are looking at that to see how we might work this while trying to make sure that we balance off any concerns that there may be for abuse of such an ability to have various surrogacy policies that could lead to a commercialization of surrogacy.”

The hearing is scheduled to take place on Wednesday in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

At the State Capitol, Corina Cappabianca.

Hoylman says a similar bill passed the senate judiciary committee in previous years.

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