KIRKWOOD, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – FedEx has opened an enormous new distribution facility in Kirkwood which, despite being fully automated, is still in need of workers.

18 months ago, FedEx Ground began the process of tearing down the former Singer-Link building inside the Broome Industrial Park and then built the new 470,000 square foot facility.

It began operations on Friday October 14th and handles a combination of local deliveries and pick-ups, what’s often referred to as “the last mile,” as well as a consolidation and de-consolidation operation for packages traveling through the region.

FedEx says it chose to invest in Greater Binghamton due to the proximity to interstate highways that head in all directions.

The new building will complement an existing FedEx distribution site in Conklin that will continue to handle some last-mile deliveries.

Managing Director of District Operations Brian Becker says the building has the latest in sortation technology.

“It’s got a lot of high-tech bells and whistles. High-speed conveyors are throughout the system. We’ve got camera scan tunnels so our customers’ packages will travel through this operation and be sorted automatically. Through automation, read the bar codes on the packages, laser beams and cameras and all kinds of cool stuff there.”

Becker says FedEx Ground has already hired a large number of supervisors, maintenance technicians, drivers and 150 package handlers.

He says the company is looking to double the number of handlers as it ramps up for the busy holiday season, with the expectation that those jobs will become permanent.

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