BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – The woman who lost her baby following a disputed traffic stop is facing additional charges while her attorney continues to allege police misconduct.

Quashaia Oranchak of Binghamton was more than 6 months pregnant when she was stopped by an unmarked New York State Police vehicle on West State Street in Binghamton in the afternoon of March 20th.

Police arrested Oranchak for fleeing an officer, and also charged her with drug possession.

Later that evening, Oranchak was found unresponsive at the Broome County Jail and taken to Wilson Hospital where she had a miscarriage.

Police say fentanyl and methamphetamine were found secreted in Oranchak’s body at the hospital.

NewsChannel 34 has learned that the Broome County Sheriff’s Office has also charged Oranchak with drug possession and promoting prison contraband.

The Sheriff’s Office says its investigation is ongoing.

Oranchak’s attorney Ron Benjamin is sticking by his allegation of police misconduct, despite the fact that the body cam video contradicts some of his initial accusations of police brutality during the arrest.

Benjamin says police initiated a crash between Oranchak’s Range Rover and the cop car by pulling in front of her.

He says medical records indicate that the unborn child died of trauma, not a drug overdose.

Benjamin says that if it were not for the illegal traffic stop, the fetus would be alive today.