BINGHAMTON, NY – Traffic was snarled around Otsiningo Park for several hours today as motorists lined up to receive free at-home COVID testing kits being supplied by Broome County.

With at-home rapid tests being difficult to find in stores, the State sent Broome 10,000 kits in hopes of mitigating the current spread.

Most of the kits were handed out at Otsiningo Park today starting at 10 AM.

Other kits were sent to local senior centers and the libraries.

Director of the Office of Emergency Services, Patrick Dewing says he knew there was a need for them, but he wasn’t expecting the park to have over three-hundred cars waiting before 10 AM.

“I think it’s so important we have this testing available for the community. Between the state site and the county site and now these at-homes, they all complement one another and I think it’s really going to help make sure the need for testing is addressed,” he said.

Each car got two kits for a total of four tests.

Positive results can be reported through the County’s website.

Otsiningo Park has since run out of tests.

For anyone that wasn’t able to receive the kits, Dewing added they will keep working with the State and anticipate receiving another shipment.

More details will come when we know more.