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Local students give presentations for Spartan X Day

BINGHAMTON, N.Y. - Students at Maine Endwell Middle School put their hard work on display for their peers today.

Seventh and eighth graders gave presentations as part of Spartan X Day.

Similar to the format of TedX Talks, kids spoke in classrooms of about 65 students on a topic that they chose on their own and researched with a partner.

Some of the topics included "Cut the Cord: How to Take a Break from Technology", "Nuclear Waste: Out of Sight, Not Out of Mind" and 'Social Media: Friend or Foe."

7th grade English Teacher Molly Hawley says it's been a rewarding experience for students and teachers seeing the kids dig into these big topics. "I'm so proud of all of the work the students have done. When I was in middle school I was an outgoing kid and presenting to 65 of my peers would have terrified me. They might be terrified but they're really doing a great job. They're hiding it and they're doing it and it's fantastic."

In total there were 140 presentations designed by the students. 

Hawley says the project has been a great success and the school may include 6th graders going forward.

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