BINGHAMTON, NY – A local mother daughter team has teamed up with a former Real Housewives star and her daughter to create some good vibrations.

Susan Jablon Mosaics in Binghamton is partnering with Jill Zarin on a new line of mosaic tiles that are infused with crystals.

Jill Zarin’s Crystal Manifesting Tiles by Susan and Emily Jablon were inspired by crystal manifesting candles that Zarin sells on her website.

Aside from starring in Real Housewives of New York, Zarin and her daughter Ally are known for selling home furniture, rugs and decor online.

Zarin had hired Jablon about 6 months ago to produce a kitchen mosaic for her. It was then that Zarin asked the Jablons whether they could incorporate crystals in their tiles as she does with candles. So, Susan and Emily got to work.

Owner Susan Jablon said, “You get a certain harmonious feeling or a certain release of tension from certain crystals. Knowing that these are in your home, if they’re perhaps surrounding your tub or in your back splash on your kitchen or in your pool, if you are attune to crystals, you’ll feel the vibration that the crystals give off.”

The Jablons used amethyst, rose quartz, lapis lazuli and clear crystals that they crushed down and combined with recycled glass from bottles, windows and car windshields.

The standard offering has 2 special crystal tiles per square foot, although customers can purchase a higher density of crystal tiles.

Emily Jablon says the vibrations from the crystals help with a process called manifestation in which people turn their dreams into reality.

“My mom and I create opportunities for this to happen by being open and by saying ‘Yes’ to every opportunity that comes along,” said Emily Jablon. “You build relationships, you build with the right people, especially when we work together, these things seem to happen more often than not.”

Susan says it took a lot of experimenting before figuring out how to incorporate the crystals with glass and bake it in a 15 hundred degree kiln.

The crystal manifesting tiles should be available on both of their websites soon, and