A popular on-air personality on WSKG radio will be appearing on WSKG TV next week as one of our Founding Fathers.

Sam Goodyear portrays John Adams in a TV series titled “Inventing America: Conversations with the Founders.”

The first episode titled “Making A Nation” was taped in December 2014 at Hope College in Michigan in front of a live audience.

It features a contemporary talk show host interviewing Goodyear as Adams as well as three other actors as Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and John Dickinson discussing the Declaration of Independence.

Goodyear says that although the entire show is scripted, the camaraderie amongst the actors brought out their personalities and some humor.

“I’ve known the Jefferson for many, many years.  I’ve gotten to know the Franklin.  And we all have such a good time with each other personally which adds to the energy of the performance,” said Goodyear.

In addition to hosting a radio program on WSKG FM on Saturdays called “Play It Again Sam,” Goodyear regularly portrays Adams in theater pieces and his own one-man show.

Episode 1, Making A Nation is being rebroadcast this Monday at 9 pm on WSKG TV and many other PBS stations across the country followed by the premiere of Episode 2 which looks at the drafting of the Constitution.

While Goodyear does not appear in the second show, he did serve as a consultant.