CHOCONUT, PA (WIVT/WBGH) – A local historian realized that the younger generations generally do not appreciate the legacy left by those before us, so he summarized it into a book.

The story begins with world renown pilot and leader, Colonel Charles Lindbergh, whose epic flight from New York City to Paris in 1927 opened up the world to air travel.

James Mordovancey, a resident of Choconut Township in Pennsylvania is updating and republishing his book titled “Choconut Township, the way it was.”

This year marks the 95th anniversary of Colonel Charles Lindbergh having to make an emergency landing in Choconut.

The year was 1927, and Mordovancey says that a majority of the story was passed onto him from his grandparents and mother.

Author James Mordovancey says, “She said they were so low and so loud, they thought they were going to take the top off the chimney. The kids all ran out, some of them had never scene an airplane before, they were astounded. Lindbergh and another, Major Thomas Lanphier, a second plane, also an army pursuit plane, were fifty feet off the ground looking out over, trying to find a place to land.”

Sure enough, Lindbergh landed in his family’s hay field just across the street.

Mordovancey says, “And after a couple of hours, they heard a knock at the door, right there, and my grandparents open the door, and it was Charles Lindbergh.”

The book delves deeper into the Lindbergh story; while also detailing countless other slices of history from the Choconut Township, such as Saint Joseph’s College, stagecoach runs, cattle drives, how a volcano in the South Pacific resulted in the year without a summer, and that’s the tip of the iceberg.

He continues, “we had a duty to pass things on, cause people don’t know here, the history of it. And there’s more than you think.”

He says it isn’t a money making deal, It’s about putting the history out there. Maybe people will have a little more pride locally and a sense of where we have been.

“There’s so much myth, when you’re doing this stuff it’s almost as if you’re combating myths and lore and wild stories, you’ve got to sort that all out, it takes a lot of research, a lot of running around.”

This is the book’s second edition, with the first being published in 2006 for the Choconut bicentennial.

It is only $10 per copy, and they are available through electronic publishing, plus at the Expressway Market in Choconut and the Historical Society in Montrose