Endicott (WIVT) – Summer is a popular time for outdoor concerts and shows.

This year, audiences might see something a little different up on stage.

NewsChannel 34’s Willa Hahn introduces us to a local up and coming rock star.

6-year-old Eamonn Hubert is an active kid.

He enjoys learning new karate moves and playing with his scooter.

But there’s one thing he loves more than anything else, and that’s playing his guitar.

“It feels good to get my hands stretched out on the strings because it makes me stronger. And it’s just really fun,” said Eamonn.

Jimae, Eamonn’s mother, said he first picked up guitar when he was just a year old, but started taking lessons recently when she and her husband noticed how quickly he was picking up chords on his own.

“We were in the kitchen kind of doing something else and we heard him in the other room and we thought, that sounds like something,” said Jimae.

Eamonn has pervasive developmental disorder as well as ADHD, and has had to go through both speech and occupational therapy.

Jimae said playing guitar has been a great outlet for him to communicate and regulate his emotions.

“He does still struggle at school with peer interactions and I don’t know if he’ll be into sports. But he has a thing. You know, it’s important that kids have a thing, especially if they struggle otherwise and it can help bridge the gap,” she said.

Eamonn said he learns a new song by listening to it, fiddling around with the chords, and then practicing until he can add it to his set list.

“When I was 1, 2, 3, or 4, I was like, ‘you know what, no, I don’t want to learn.’ But then I became 5, and then I said ‘you know what, if I don’t get guitar, I won’t get better at it,'” said Eamonn.

He loves to play rock, country, and blues, and some of his favorite bands include ACDC, The Ramones, and Stevie Wonder.

“Apart from playing at home for fun, Eamonn has been playing with local bands like the Gravelding Brothers.”

In the future, Eamonn says he would like to start his own band, but probably not until college.

“I mean, it’s fun. It’s what I can do. It’s what, you know, it’s my life,” he said.

A big statement for such a little boy, but with this talent there’s no doubt that Eamonn has an exciting future ahead of him.

Eamonn joined the Gravelding Brothers during their recent performance at Bike Night at the Choconut Inn in Friendsville, Pa.

He’s also scheduled to join the band later this summer at Binghamton’s Rec Park Music Festival on Sunday, August 9th.

And you can watch a full clip of Eamonn and his father Doug playing “Melissa” above.