BINGHAMTON, NY – A longtime political activist from Ithaca has set up a campaign office in Binghamton to run for a new State Senate district that includes both communities.

Democrat Leslie Danks Burke served as Chair of Planned Parenthood’s regional advocacy branch, and has used her legal background to address public housing and incarcerated women suffering abuse. She says she is a strong believer in public education, as she is the mother of two daughters and a Foundation Board Member of Tompkins Cortland Community College.

Danks Burke’s new campaign headquarters is located at 508 Court Street in Binghamton.

Democratic Candidate for State Senate Leslie Danks Burke says, “I stand for jobs, schools, and farms because those are the areas that our region depends on for economic growth and we’re not getting that investment here. We need to make sure that our property taxes are going to pay for our kids education; right now, our property taxes are through the roof and we’re not getting the investment here that those dollars should be bringing.”

Danks Burke ran for State Senate in what was the 58th district and lost both in 2016 and 2020 to Thomas O’Mara.

If Binghamton and Ithaca remain in the same district once new State Senate maps are released, Danks Burke will face fellow Democrat Lea Webb in a June 28th primary. Republican Rich David is also running for the new 53rd District.