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Kurdish flag raised at Binghamton City Hall

BINGHAMTON, N.Y. - The City of Binghamton is flying the flag of a people who don't yet have their own nation.

Mayor Rich David along with local Kurds raised the Kurdish flag outside of City Hall Wednesday morning.

Kurds continue to fight for an independent Kurdistan in the Middle East.

Currently, their ancestral homeland is split among portions of Iraq, Turkey, Syria, and Iran.

David credited Kurdish fighters with assisting US forces in both the Iraq War as well as the recent battles against ISIS.

Ramadan Doski of Endicott says local Kurds are hard working and proud to be American.

"Kurdish people are the pinnacle of the American Dream.  We came to this country with nothing in our hands, nothing in our pockets.  We've worked for what we have today.  We are so very proud to be American Kurds, we never miss a chance to thank America and the US for doing what they have for us," said Doski.

The flag was raised to mark Newroz which, as the first day of Spring, represents the Kurdish New Year.

Doski says it's a day of great rejoicing for Kurds.

He estimates that about 100 Kurdish families currently live in Greater Binghamton.

There will be a celebration of Kurdish culture at the American Civic Association coming up in May.

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