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Johnson City replaces 30 year old fire truck

JOHNSON CITY, N.Y. - Johnson City welcomed in another emergency response vehicle Friday, a new truck for the fire department.

The nearly $1 million tower ladder truck replaces another that was 30 years-old and in need of significant repairs.

The Village bonded $1.2 million for the purchase late last year and placed the order a couple of months ago.

Fire Chief Rob Jacyna says the new truck has better technology, better fuel economy and a quicker set up.

JC Mayor Greg Deemie says it will also be able to better navigate some of the village's narrow streets.

"It's a little shorter wheel base so it will be able to get around corners easier, up and down hills a little better. That was the main goal behind it. This one is a mid mount and our other one is a rear mount so it made it a shorter frame on this one so we can steer it around easier around the village," said Deemie.

Deemie originally voted against the purchase in the hopes that the old truck could be repaired.

An official dedication will be held in a few weeks when the truck is officially put into service.

Until then, firefighters will be training on the new apparatus. 

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