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Horace Mann students celebrate opening of Rec Park carousel

BINGHAMTON, N.Y. - Some lucky local students got to the chance to ride the areas most popular ponies Thursday.

Second graders from Horace Mann elementary were a part of the first official ride of summer 2018 on the  Recreation Park carousel.

The initial opening day was pushed back to Thursday after some maintenance was needed on the ride. 

A number of kids, parents, and teachers showed up to ride the carousel.

Horace Mann second grade teacher Joyce Lewis says it's a joy for her students to saddle up for a spin.

"It's such a special thing, I don't think people that grew up here appreciate it. But when I moved way I realized that not every place has free carousels so it's so much fun to get to ride a carousel for free," said Lewis.

Lewis says being able to take her students to the carousel is one of her favorite things every year. 

The carousel at rec park is opened 7 days a week and free to ride for all users. 

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