Homer Brink holds annual Immigration Simulation Day

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4th Graders at Homer Brink set sail on the adventure of a lifetime recently. 

The school held its annual Immigration Simulation Day.

Students packed their bags and dressed up in the attire of the early 20th century to simulate the journey through Ellis Island that many immigrants took.

To prepare for the event, students selected a country of origin, a name common for that country, and an occupation. 

To gain access to the United States in the activity, students had to go through a medical exam, mental testing, a citizenship test, legal documentation and had to exchange currency.

Fourth Grade Teacher Adriane Deyo says the event ties in with the immigration unit that they do at the end of every school year. 

“They really have no idea of the struggle that immigrants went through back in the 1800s as they traveled over. So we try to give them the best experience they can by traveling through the classrooms and seeing what it was like.”

Deyo says that it’s something the students and even parents look forward to every year.

She says they get many parents that volunteer to help work the event. 


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