HALLSTEAD, PA (WIVT/WBGH) – Prepare to be scared, Hellstead Manor is once again opening for the season.

The story-based haunt is opening for its 7th year inside an historic 1851 house that has been a single family home, a fox farm, a restaurant and a convalescent home.

Owner and operator Eric Lusk says he uses the actual history of the manor to construct parts of the narrative.

Each year, it gets larger with an expanded outdoor section called Wretched Woods that includes the Cannibillies.

This year there are 60 scare-actors adding to the fright.

Lusk says he’s a Halloween fanatic. The former Hollywood makeup artist says the attraction is not appropriate for children under 12.

“Not that we’re gory or R-rated or any of that stuff. It’s just it is scary. We’re not here to make you laugh, we’re here to scare you. That’s what it is, it’s super scary.”

Hellstead Manor is located on Harmony Road near Hallstead, Pennsylvania near exit 230 off Interstate 81.

It’s open Fridays and Saturdays from 7 to 11 tomorrow through October 29th.

Tickets are $35, for $45 you can jump the line.

Lusk also offers behind the scenes tours on Sundays with less scare and more history.

For more information, go to hellsteadmanor.com.