BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – Broome County is working with the Ponies to make certain that those who have defended our country can take in a ballgame this season.

The county is purchasing one thousand tickets to Rumble Ponies home games that will be available free of charge to veterans and active duty personnel.

Veterans need only show their military ID at the box office to receive up to 4 tickets to the game of their choice.

The Ponies are kicking in another 200 tickets, expanding on a popular program that sold out last season.

In addition, Mirabito Energy is continuing to support a special military appreciation weekend over Memorial Day weekend when free tickets for vets and military members will also be available.

Rumble Ponies President David Sabotka says, “We’re very appreciative obviously of everything that they’ve done and sacrificed for the country and we want to make sure that that’s recognized by the crowd. And since holiday crowds are our biggest crowds, we want to make certain that the veterans get their due from the biggest audience possible.”

The free ticket announcement took place at American Legion Post 1194 in Hillcrest and coincided with a Mobile Canteen hosted by Clear Path For Veterans.

It included a free lunch and information about local veteran services.

The 1,000 tickets cost the county $8,000 from its Veterans Fund which is funded by fees imposed on local real estate transactions.