ENDWELL, NY – On June 11th, the O.L. Davis Fire Company of Endwell handed out four $500 scholarships to deserving graduates who live in the Endwell Fire District.

According to the company, the Francis J. Pandich Jr. Scholarships were awarded to students based on their commitment to community service.

The awards are named for past member, Pandich Jr., who served for the company from 1978 until he passed in 2019.

Pandich Jr. served residents of the Endwell Fire District as a firefighter, Lieutenant, and Assistant Fire Chief. He was also elected as Chairman of the Board of Fire Commissioners and served in that role for 20 years.

O.L. Davis Company members felt that Pandich Jr. exemplified commitment to ones community.

“Throughout his life Fran was dedicated to community service.  Because of his great commitment to community service, members of the O. L. Davis Fire Company felt it fitting to create a scholarship in his name to reward students who were actively involved in serving their community.”

Francis j. Pandich Jr. Scholarship Awards were presented to the following students:

Siobahn Burke – Union-Endicott High School

Bryant Carpenter – Maine-Endwell High School

Ryan Derkowski – Maine-Endwell High School

Jeffrey Van Auken – Maine-Endwell High School