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Each year, employees at Nexstar television stations across the country take part in Founder’s Day where we volunteer our time at non-profit organizations doing good in our communities. 

This year, the staff at NewsChannel 34 will be helping out the Impact Project with its latest project.

Our Reporter Dylan Kuhn tells us about the family we’ll be helping on Friday, the Arner’s. 

Rob and Theresa Arner moved into their home on Mason Ave in Binghamton a few years ago.

Almost immediately they started experiencing a wide range of issues, most noticeably a very leaky roof in their bedroom.

Lacking the ability or financial means to repair it on their own, the Arner’s were looking for some help.

After being turned away by various organizations, they discovered the Impact project. 

Rob Arner says ‘We’ve seen them help others on Facebook as well. Families that really need their help a lot.”

So the Arner’s submitted an application earlier this year to the Impact Project and after a couple months they got the answer they had been looking for. 

Theresa Arner says “It was kind of a longshot to me. I tried so many different places and nobody could help us. So I reached out to them hoping and praying they could help us. I was so happy, and blessed that they said that they would help us.”

Impact Project Executive Director Jim Willard says after reviewing the Arner’s application it was clear that the Impact Project had to help them out. 

Jim Willard says “They needed a lot of help. They’ve got water coming into the home. The roof is leaking. They physically, financially need help and don’t have the skill set to solve the problem.”

Along with fixing the roof, the Impact Project joined by volunteers from NewsChannel 34, the Binghamton Rumble Ponies, and First Assembly of God Church in Binghamton will fix the steps and railings on the front and back porches and do a landscaping overhaul removing bushes that are in the way to plant smaller trees and flowers.

Willard says it just adds to the experience seeing so many people come together for the cause. 
Jim Willard says “this is actually a really exciting project to see how a news team, a baseball team and a church are all going to come together. Wow. This is just awesome and it continues to show the heart and passion that people have in this community.”

The Arner’s say they can’t put it into words how thankful they are for the Impact Project.
Rob Arner says “By the grace of god we found Impact Project. Again we feel very relieved that they’re coming on Friday to help us out. It’s going to be a huge relief for both of us and help us finally move on with some of the repairs on the house.”

In Binghamton, Dylan Kuhn NewsChannel 34.

On Friday, we’ll show you the progress we’ve made on the Arner family’s home makeover. 


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