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Now for the Food and Farm Showcase, a collaboration between NewsChannel 34 and Cornell Cooperative Extension of Broome County.

Take look at nature’s golden sweetner.

Sue Garing Honey in Kirkwood sells her popular product every Saturday at the Regional Farmers market on Upper Front Street.

Garing first started keeping bees 15 years ago to help pollinate her fruit trees.

Soon, 2 hives became 4 and 4 became 8 and she began selling her raw honey 12 years ago.

She uses European honey bees that are native to our area and does not heat or filter her honey.

And her roughly 50 hives are spread across multiple locations in the county, including other local farms.

“The deal is, we do pollination and we get the honey.  Sometimes people just say, ‘Hey, I want some bees in my property but I don’t want to take care of them.  How about if you take care of them?’  So we do that too.”

Garing says many people who sample her different honeys are surprised by the variety of flavor and consistency.

She says that all depends on which seasonal flower the bees are taking pollen from.

In the Spring, it’s a mix of wildflowers.

In July, it’s basswood, in August, clover and in September some goldenrod and some Japanese knotweed.

In addition to jars of honey, Garing sells honey sticks, honey comb, honey candies and beeswax candles.

“It’s a lot of fun. If you’ve only ever had grocery store honey then you’re in for a big surprise if you come and try what we can produce here in Broome County.”

Garing credits the help of the Southern Tier Beekeepers association with helping her learn the do’s and don’ts, including how to work to prevent colony collapse disorder.

Besides the Regional Farmers Market, Garing sells her honey products at the Taste New York stores, Old Barn Market and Laveggio Roasteria.

But not online.

Garing says she wants to keep her local honey local.


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