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Federal Govt to fine NYS $14M over illegal 'I Love New York' highway signs

BINGHAMTON, N.Y. - The Federal Government says it will fine New York State $14 million over illegal highway signs.

The Federal Highway Administration has ruled that the "I Love New York" highway signs are in violation of its regulations.

This one is located along Interstate 88 in the Town of Fenton between the Chenango Bridge and Port Crane exits.

The signs were erected to help boost tourism around the state, highlighting New York's food, history and parks.

The FHA says they make it difficult for drivers to see roadside hazards.

It also says New York lawmakers recently submitted a plan to remedy the issue, but did not do enough to fix the problem.

The state can get the money back if New York and the Federal Government agree upon a solution.

The State Department of Transportation issued the following statement saying the signs are safe and provide useful information and they are looking into a mutually beneficial solution to the problem.

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