EINDICOTT, NY – Two historic trees were planted at TJ Watson Elementary School in Endicott.

The Endicott Rotary continued its tradition of planting trees at UE schools. Each tree offers a special significance in American History and tells an interesting story about U.S. presidents, explorers, writers, and other key figures in our Nation’s history.

The two trees planted at TJ Watson were a George Washington Sycamore and a Franklin Roosevelt Black Oak.

Endicott Rotary Secretary Darlene Leonard says, “Rotary international has a mission to protect the environment and to add to the environment in a positive way, and things about re-using products, about climate change, so this all fits into our mission.”

Several UE students were able to leave class early to assist the Rotary with planting the trees out front.

The trees were purchased from American Heritage Trees, which specializes in maintaining seedlings that date back hundreds of years.

A Moon Seedling Sycamore was planted at George F Johnson Elementary. It dates back to 1971 and is named after the Apollo 14 Mission.