Binghamton (WIVT) – Democratic State Senate candidate Anndrea Starzak said if elected she’ll push for more funding to be restored to schools.

Starzak said while the state assembly has pushed for additional state aid, the senate has come up short in that regards.

She said having a Democratic senator will help move towards more tax dollar money going to schools.

Starzak said she favors restoring $1.9 billion of funding next year and more in the following years.

She said schools in the 52nd senate district have been short-changed by $100 million since cuts began several years ago.

“Right here in the City of Binghamton we are short $21 million in school funding that should be here for our kids and our schools,” she said.

Part of Starzak’s plan includes fighting to restore Foundation Aid and doing away with the Gap Elimination Adjustment, over a period of four years.

Her website is

A spokesman for Republican State Senator Libous said throughout his career, Libous has made education one of his highest priorities, including securing school aid increases and starting programs that encourage students to read.

He also said that Libous is proud to have the endorsement of New York State United Teachers and the over 5,000 local teachers and other school employees they represent.