Eastern Broome residents had their concerns heard at a hearing regarding an application to build a giant wind farm in the Towns of Windsor and Sanford.

The application submitted by Calpine outlines a 124-megawatt wind-powered electric generation facility made up of 33 wind turbines.

The turbines would stand over 600 feet tall with blades spreading over 500 feet across. 

Multiple representatives from the company were on hand to answer questions from residents. 

While multiple people at the hearing spoke in favor of the project citing the added jobs and clean energy as positives, there were many who voiced concerns.

One of which was Colesville resident Richard Rogler who started the Facebook page Concerned Residents Against Bluestone Wind Farm.

Rogler echoed what was said by other residents, raising concerns about the effects on property value, the environmental impact and quality of life for those that live closest to the windmills. 

He says these turbines would be monstrosities that are more than double the size of the turbines you’ve seen before and he urges people to do more research.