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Discovery Center hosts annual Martin Luther King Jr. celebration

BINGHAMTON, N.Y. - The United Way is personifying Doctor King's message and legacy by organizing a day of volunteering.

NewsChannel 34 stopped by the Discovery Center in Binghamton for its annual Martin Luther King Junior Celebration.

The Center hosts a fun and educational event that helps reinforce the teachings of Doctor King, with the help of United Way Volunteers.

Monday's events include a peace parade, arts and crafts, face painting,  an MLK inspired scavenger hunt and a screening of the iconic "I Have a Dream" Speech.

Discovery Center Executive Director Abbey Hendricks says part of the lesson includes inspiring kids to be the leaders of tomorrow.

"The things that he stood for are really critical like integrity and respect.  I think it's important for kids to understand the difference they can make as just one person, not only in our community, but in the world," said Hendrickson.

The Center was assisted by two dozen volunteers from Binghamton University who taught kids about the lessons of the Civil Rights Leader.

Volunteer Stefanie Reyes says community service is one way to fulfill the mission of Doctor King.

"He always preached to give back to your community.  He did so much for people of color.  I feel like it's an obligation to give back in the way he would've wanted us to," said Reyes.

One lesson included a demonstration of inequality, where some students received fictional treats based on the color of their place mat table settings.

Other volunteer efforts took place at Tri-Cities Opera, TechWorks!, and a number of Broome County senior centers.

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