The 2018 Dick’s Sporting Goods Open had a fantastic finish, but not necessarily one that people would have thought.

After seeing the man he held a one-stroke lead over nail an approach shot to within about eight feet, Bart Bryant was staring at a 23-footer to try and avoid a playoff hole.

If Bryant missed this putt and Michael Bradley made his, the two would be tied at 15-under and have to play the 18th hole over again, with the best score earning them the Dick’s Open trophy.

However, Bryant wasn’t having that. He buries the long birdie putt, moving him to 16-under and securing the win.

When I talked to him afterwards, he took me through what how he was able to sink that putt.

“When I handed Greg, my caddie, the ball he said, ‘You know what you’ve got to do.’ Which means, knock this in. But, luckily, I got it on line, and it just tracked well. Anytime you make a putt of that length on the last hole to win a golf tournament, there’s some luck involved. I did my job, I hit a good putt. But, to get the right balances for that ball to go in is pretty special,” said Bryant.

With that win, Bryant becomes the first player to win the Dick’s Sporting Goods Open twice. So a bit of history made as well.