Needing to flip just one seat to take over control of the New York State Senate yesterday, Democrats did far better, winning at least five districts, giving them a commanding majority in the Chamber.

Local Senator Fred Akshar, who ran unopposed, will return to Albany as a member of the minority in January, with far less ability to pass legislation or attain funding for local projects.

NewsChannel 34’s Morgan McKay has more on the sea change in the Senate from Albany.

Breslin: Long, long overdue. And It will bring a new dimension and a new degree of honesty and participation. 

With results still trickling in today, its starting to look like the Democrats picked up anywhere from 7 to 10 seats in the Senate.

The big win for the Democrats was the downstate suburbs. For the last twenty years, no Democrat has won a state senate seat on Long Island during a midterm election year. And last night? 

Greeenberg: It appears that the Democrats won 6 Senate seats on long Island in a midterm election year. 

However, The Republicans were able to keep quite a few of their upstate seats, but for races like Senator Rich Funke from Rochester, the race was slightly tighter then he might have wanted.

Funke: We’re in a state that is almost 3 to 1 Democratic so certainly when there is a heavy turn out you would expect it would be tougher on Republicans. 

Senator Funke says that Republicans however are used to working across the aisle. But Governor Cuomo is already talking about new changes, such as making the legislature full time, gun control bills and voting reform. 

Greenberg: It will make for an interesting beginning to the 2019 legislative session.