Broome County Executive Elect Jason Garnar is laying his foundation for his administration.

Garnar defeated incumbent Republican Debbie Preston by nearly 7,000 votes.

NewsChannel 34 caught up with Garnar Wednesday morning.

He says he will open up department head and appointed positions to those who are qualified and want to apply.

He says those positions should be posted in the next 1 to 2 weeks on his website and Facebook page.

Garnar says he’ll gather everyone together to bring the best people into his administration.

“I’m going to get a transition team together that includes Democrats, Republicans, Independents as well as business and community leaders. We’re going to go through those resumes and choose the best people for those jobs,” said Garnar.

Garnar says he hasn’t chosen a Deputy County Executive, but is considering several options.

Democrats picked up 1 seat in the Broome County Legislature, now holding 4 seats, while Republicans control the remaining 11 seats.

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