BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – The jury continues it’s deliberation in the Broome County Court trial of a Colesville man accused of attempted murder.

The jury has presented the council with several questions to finalize a verdict.

The jury requested to hear back Sergeant Brian Meehan’s testimony. More specifically, to understand Meehan’s location at the time that New York State Trooper Becky Seager was shot.

The jury also requested to re-listen to forensic consultant and firearms expert, Chris Robinson’s testimony. Specifically, the jury was interested in the differences between .223 rounds and .270.

Judge Joe Cawley also received a note from the jury asking to re-define attempted murder in the first degree, as well as the term “beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Finally, the jury informed the council that they cannot come to a unanimous decision regarding three of the thirteen charges in this case.

Judge Cawley has asked the jury to continue deliberating on the three remaining charges.

If a unanimous decision can it be made, the prosecution has Judge Cawley for a partial verdict, while the defense is in support of an Allen Charge.

The jury continues deliberating and a verdict is expected at some point this afternoon.

NewsChannel 34 will have the latest updates to the trial as they are released.