Deadline for removal of ‘I Love New York’ signs just weeks away

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The deadline for when the I love New York signs are supposed to be down is in just a few weeks, but so far they remain untouched. 

NewsChannel 34’s Morgan McKay gives us an update and what might be the hangup. 

The clock is ticking and the signs? Well they’re still here. But the Department of Transportation says they are confident that they will reach an agreement before the September 30, deadline. 

“We are in ongoing discussions with Federal Highway Administration and will provide an update once we’ve reached an agreement.”

When Morgan reached out to the Federal Highway Administration they said talks are still going on and, “For any more specific information about the state’s plans, contact the department of transportation.”

Bringing us in a full circle.  

“I think we need closure here. I think we need to come to an ultimate answer and move on,” said Walsh. 

Some lawmakers however believe that despite the controversy, these signs might have done some good. 

“Tourism numbers are up. We’re seeing more people employed in the tourism industry. We’re seeing more revenue come to local governments,” said McDonald. 

But if the roughly 500 I love New York signs are not down in a couple weeks, the state will not be getting its $14 million back. And still no word on how much it will cost to take all these signs down.” 

“I don’t think we really appreciated all the effort it took putting them up. I don’t know what the estimate is going to be. It’s going to take state resources which quite honestly could probably be used for something better,” said McDonald. 

According to sources, a few of the hangups that might be keeping the state and the feds from coming to an agreement are the number of signs and the font.

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