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The Problem Solvers caucus is a group of Republican and Democratic House members whose mission is to find common ground on contentious issues. 

Two of its members are from our region, Democrat Anthony Brindisi of Utica and Republican Tom Reed of Corning.

NewsChannel 34’s Morgan Wright spoke with both of them about potential solutions to end the partial government shutdown.

The partial government shutdown is headed into its second month with no end in sight.  

We can’t let this go on much longer –  it’s bad for our economy it’s bad for our federal workforce…Congressman Anthony Brindisi of New York says as long as leadership on both sides aren’t talking – there’s no compromise to be had. The first step is just sitting down and talking. Why can’t we just work out the details and take care of these employees who are caught in the middle of it too? 

New York Congressman Tom Reed…I’m from a family of 12 and I can assure you we’ve had many of family squabbles but at the end of the day we recognize we have to work together in order for the household to stand firm. That’s exactly what needs to happen here. 

But the stalemate over President Trump’s 5.7 billion dollar border wall has stood in the way of any progress.

There needs to be a compromise and I think the President put on the table a reasonable offer to move the ball forward 
I think we should come forward with some kind of counter-offer maybe a permanent solution to DACA. 

As negotiations continue – Congressman Brindisi wants relief for TSA workers hurt by the shutdown… He introduced legislation to start paying them immediately.
It would use a portion of the security fee that we pay on our airline tickets to help pay our TSA workers who are keeping us safe at our airports. This is not a long-term solution this is a band-aid 

Brindisi says the long-term solution is getting the government up and running. 

In Washington, Morgan Wright.

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