BINGHAMTON, NY – Cynthia Clarey will return to the Tri-Cities Opera Center on Sunday, June 19th at 2:30 p.m. She will be be performing a piece titled “Bridge Over Muddied Waters.”

The event is part of Binghamton’s Juneteenth celebrations this weekend. On June 17th the Black Excellence Awards will be hosted at the Tri-Cities Opera Center, on June 18th the Annual Juneteenth Community Celebration takes place at Columbus Park, and on the 19th Clarey finishes the weekend with her performance.

Drawing from her personal experience of growing up in the South in the 1950’s and her knowledge of music, Clarey intends to inspire discussion about the disharmony prevelant in America today, says the Tri-Cities Opera.

“In collaboration with virtuosic pianist Beckie Menzie and percussionist, Conrad Alexander, Ms.
Clarey reminds us to be proactive in making the world better with humor, hope, and heart”

Clarey is a graduate of Howard University and the Juilliard School. She has performed in the past with the Chicago Symphony, Boston Symphony, National Symphony, and New York Philharmonic plus many more major groups.

The performance is 75-minutes long and will not have an intermission. Tickets are available at