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Governor Andrew Cuomo gave his state of the state preview today, that sounded a lot more like an actual state of the state speech, just without any legislative leaders present. He highlighted justice, environmental and health bills that he hopes to pass during his first 100 days in office.

NewsChannel 34’s Morgan McKay highlights the big ones. 

When it comes to healthcare, Cuomo said he wants to strengthen reproductive health protections such as abortion rights and equal contraceptive access. What was missing was mention of implementing a single payer health care system that has been a big focus for many Democrats this year. 

Cuomo: We must pass legislation protecting those with pre-existing conditions, codifying the health exchange, and reassuring continued access to prescription drug coverage because New York believes healthcare is not a luxury. Healthcare is a basic human right.

Cuomo also mentioned the SAFE Act saying that since its passage, gun violence has only gotten worse. He says this means the state needs more gun regulations such as banning bump stocks, increase the waiting period around background checks, and passing the red flag law that would let a judge take away someone’s firearms who is believed to be a threat. 

Cuomo: New York must lead the way from this place of madness this nation is in. Cuomo also talked about his goal to pass a package of voting bills that would allow for early voting, voting by mail, and synchronize federal and state primary days. He even tossed around the idea of making Election day a state holiday. 

Cuomo: let’s make a real statement about the importance of voting and let’s make Election Day a state holiday and say to people, “get out and vote.”

Cuomo did criticize President Donald Trump for not  believing in climate change. He went on to announce that the state will launch the Green New Deal to make the state’s electricity 10% carbon neutral by 2040 and ultimately eliminate the state’s entire carbon footprint.

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