Local Child Protective Services caseworkers along with state leaders are urging the Governor to sign a bill that would ease their workload.

The workers, represented by the Civil Service Employees Assocation, or CSEA held a news conference alongside Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo.

Lupardo, is the primary sponsor of the Child Protective Services Act, which was passed by both the Assembly and Senate in June.

The legislation would cap cases at fifteen per month for workers.

The CPS workers can have up to fifty cases at once, with many dealing with multiple children per case.

Lupardo says this will help them pay even more attention to the children who are in vulnerable situations.   

“They lose sleep at night worrying about these kids. We’ve seen across the state, when things go badly, the workers are often the ones who are blamed. When they’re overloaded, they will often times miss important signals and signs that would have kept children out of harms way, had they been able to get in front of it,” said Lupardo.

The next step is for Governor Cuomo to either sign or veto the bill.

If it’s passed, the state will enact the program in a two year rollout.

Lupardo also says the heroin epidemic has also increased the number of CPS related cases statewide.