Researchers from the Corning Museum of Glass visited Trinity Church in Binghamton Tuesday to get a close look at a historic stained-glass window.

Trinity’s Martha and Mary window was built in 1929 by Whitefriars Glass Studio in London.

Trinity Church was contacted by the museum to inform them that it had the “cartoon,” or original, life-sized sketch used to create the window.

Thousands of these sketches were donated to the museum in 2015.

Parishioners learned more about the historic window from Chief Librarian Jim Galbraith.

“The thing that I found really exciting was that the congregation was so interested in the window and the history of the window, and came out to talk about it as well. Part of the process is learning from the congregation as well as talking with them about the project,” said Galbraith.

“It’s special, it’s very special. And now knowing how important this is to the research library, it’s even more gratifying knowing that we have it here in Binghamton,” said parishioner Jeff Fellows.

A little white monk can be seen on the corner of the window, which was a signature of the Whitefriars Studio.

Whitefriars made windows for churches around the globe, including ones in Australia, the Solomon Islands and New York City.