Local business owners and operators had the opportunity to share their successes and concerns with Congresswoman Claudia Tenney Wednesday.

Tenney held a business roundtable with members of the Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce.

Owners shared with the freshman Republican ways in which they’ve used the anticipated savings from federal tax cuts to increase their investment in equipment, hire more workers, and give bigger bonuses.

Chamber President and CEO Jennifer Conway says tax cuts and regulatory reform are popular with businesses.

“They already are buying the assets they need, because they know they have more money for depreciation.  They will give bonuses to their staff this year.  I would really say that the tax reform on the federal level was a huge impact,” said Conway.

Conway says businesses are concerned about the trade war with other countries and are hopeful that the tariffs imposed by the Trump administration will lead to better trading terms for US companies sooner rather than later.

She says the local trucking and distribution industry would like to see the federal government allow 18-year-olds to get commercial driver’s licenses.