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Community, fans excited to welcome Tim Tebow

BINGHAMTON, N.Y. - When Tebow signed with the New York Mets in 2016, people started asking if they'd ever see him don a Rumble Ponies jersey.

While it was only confirmed last week, fans, local lawmakers, and business leaders have been ready to welcome Tim Tebow to our area for months.

Tim Tebow spent his second day in Binghamton by taking some healthy cuts in the cage getting ready for Thursday's home opener.

But, before the former NFL Quarterback turned professional baseball player had his bags packed for Binghamton, the community was eagerly anticipating his arrival.

"There's certainly a lot more excitement.  People are excited for Tim and the rest of the team to join us.  We're excited to have him coming here and the community will get behind it just like they get behind all of the players to welcome Tim to our community," said JB Bayne.

Tebow addressed the media Wednesday and spoke a little bit about his new home, a place he hadn't really heard of until recently.

He spent some time in Cortland during his time with the New York Jets and says he's ready to help Binghamton win on and off the field.

"If there's a way to help the community and be someone who can be a little bit of a light by visiting hospitals, encouraging kids, bringing hope and even helping the economy. That would be awesome," said Tebow.

He already plans to put smiles on kids faces in a Rumble Ponies uniform.

"One good thing is I try to make it as much as a part of the game as I can. I'll have Make-A-Wish kids we'll bring to games and we'll bring people with special needs to the games.  We'll grant wishes beforehand," said Tebow.

While the fans are excited to see him round the bases, local business owners hope Tebow can hit a home run for the local economy.

"The hype has already been incredible.  I can't wait to see the stadium filled and to have all of the businesses downtown benefit from people coming to see Tebow.  Having local breweries and local businesses coming together to come up with a product to get behind it really adds to the hype and hopefully results in a lot more foot traffic downtown," said Craft Co-Owner Adam Tuttle.

Some have taken Tebow-mania to a whole new level, as one local brewery has brewed a beer called "Tebow Time."

"What's a better way of honoring the guy than naming a beer after him.  It's going to bring a lot of good publicity to Binghamton and we wanted to do what we could to promote this whole thing.  It's going to be an exciting time for us," said Head Brewer Brendan Harder.

Others are cheering for Tebow because of his impact off of the baseball diamond.

He's runs a world-wide charity that holds a prom for special needs kids and has helped build hospitals outside of the US.

Many people follow him for his outspoken Christian faith.

"He's a person of faith and passion.  He's a person who does great things wherever he goes.  People aren't going to come here to watch him play baseball because he's a great baseball player, it's about his personality and who he is," said Jen Conway.

Whether he hits a thousand or sputters through the Double-A season, Binghamton has already earned a big victory by having a name like Tebow associated with the Parlor City.

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