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Chenango Bridge Elementary 5th graders celebrate World Music Day

BINGHAMTON, N.Y. - Students at Chenango Bridge Elementary were treated to a world tour of international tunes.

The school held "World Music Day'' presentations Tuesday for their 5th grade classes.

Jamie Orfanella a licensed instructor of the Japanese shakuhachi (sha-ko-ha-chi) flute, played over a dozen instruments from ten different countries for the students. 

Along with the shakuhachi , Orfanella demonstrated with the Australian didgeridoo and the bansuri flute from India.  

Orfanella says he enjoys sharing various different nations unique brand of music with students.  

"Spreading this especially this world music that people don't know about and bringing it to the younger and younger students it really opens their minds to sounds that they just don't hear anywhere else, it's more than just the traditional band, orchestra, chorus type of sounds," said Orfanella.

Orfanella says he continues to expand his world instrument collection by looking at a map, picking a country and researching what instruments are popular there. 

He finds music as a great way to connect cultures and traditions around the world.

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