BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – A four-count indictment against Anas Nagi was dismissed on October 11th, announced his Defense Attorney Artan Serjanej.

The dismissal comes just one week before the trial against him was set to commence.

Nagi was being prosecuted by the Broome County District Attorney’s Office for the following crimes:

  • Robbery in the first degree
  • Robbery in the second degree (2 counts)
  • Assault in the second degree

Serjanej successfully argued that Nagi did not forcibly steal property belonging to another man, nor did he cause serious physical injury to another man.

“Simply put, Mr. Nagi has been put through hell for over a year with unfounded criminal charges,” said Serjanej. “The dismissal of the charges against him, one week before trial, affirm his innocence — which we have maintained since the date of his arrest.”