The Regional Executive Director of the Consumer Energy Alliance was in Binghamton to discuss energy policy in regards to pipeline development for natural gas.

Michael Butler spoke at breakfast with local business leaders hosted by the Greater Binghamton Chamber.

He says that the infrastructure needs to be put in place in New York for natural gas.

Butler says natural gas is clean and has resulted in reduced emissions.

He says the sun isn’t always shining and the wind isn’t always blowing which makes it a necessary compliment to renewable energy.

Butler says there is also another huge bonus to natural gas use.

“The biggest reason is prices for consumers. New Yorkers spend over 25 hundred dollars a year on energy costs which is expensive for everyone. But if you think about families that are fixed income or low income families it’s a huge chunk. It’s more than 25 percent of their gross budget goes to energy costs. That’s just unconscionable,” Butler says.

The CEA is a consumer energy advocacy group with more than 550 thousand members nationwide.

Butler says their goal is to encourage people to seek sensible, realistic and environmentally responsible solutions to meet energy needs.