TOWN OF DICKINSON, NY – The Broome County Veterans Agency is teaming up with Cornell Cooperative Extension to better the health and well being of local veterans.

The partnership is centered around providing veterans with opportunities to develop skills in food and agriculture. The programs provided will be hands-on lessons with workshops including how to raise poultry, how to properly compost, and gardening tips.

Director of Veterans Affairs, Brian Vojtisek, spoke about the first of the programs, coming up this Saturday, May 14.

Director of Veterans Affairs Brian Vojtisek says, “This is a fairly new program that’s been extended to Broome County, which will allow us, The Veterans Service Agency, to give out coupons at our local farmer’s markets to our veterans; with a twenty-dollar value. It’ll allow them to take advantage of some of the fresh produce and vegetables here at our local farmer’s markets.”

Anyone who has served can come to the Broome County Regional Farmers Market on Upper Front Street this Saturday, May 14, between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. to receive a coupon packet for local produce.

If you cannot make it on Saturday, accommodations can be made by calling the Veterans Agency at 778-2147.