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Case over Endicott EJ building heads to Albany

A Philadelphia-based developer and Broome County are battling over custody of a blighted EJ eyesore.

Alvaro Munoz has filed an appeal of a judgment allowing Broome County to foreclose on the Endicott-Johnson factory located on North Page Avenue in West Endicott.

The case was heard Thursday in Albany.

Munoz purchased the property in February 2016 for $300,000 plus another $100,000 to buy it out from Alpine LLC, the building's previous owner.

Then, Broome County foreclosed on the property in May of 2016 for unpaid back taxes totaling over $27,000.

Munoz says he sent a check to Broome County, but the County says it never received it.

Munoz wants to redevelop the site as a 125-apartment mixed use senior housing facility with amenities.

A decision will be rendered in the coming months.

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